Bell Defends IMC on O’Hare Case

Responding the comments from Sinn Fein MLA Gerry Kelly that the Independent Monitoring Commission is discredited in the aftermath of the O’Hare case, Alliance Party Deputy Leader has claimed that the episode actually strengthens the credibility of the organisation.

Eileen Bell stated:

“The eagerness of Gerry Kelly to have a go at the IMC is as predictable as it is disappointing.

“Actually, the reaction of the IMC, in conjunction with the police, in addressing the problems in relation to the way they documented the tragic murder of Mr O’Hare actually enhances its credibility.

“It is rare that an organisation goes to these lengths to deal with mistakes and misunderstandings that have arisen. I appreciate the steps that have occurred to engage with the family, and to give a proper account to them.

“When an organisation can face up to when it is wrong, when they then say that they are right they are likely to have even more credibility.

“The IMC is set to play a crucial role over the next few months verifying acts of completion, and providing much needed integrity within the process.”

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