Bell defends civil partnerships after Paisley attack on King

ALLIANCE Equality Spokesperson and Party Deputy Leader Eileen Bell MLA (North Down) has slammed the DUP, after Ian Paisley Jr MLA criticised Ulster Unionist adviser Steven King for marrying his partner.

Mrs Bell said:

“This attack clearly demonstrates both the lack of tolerance and the extent of homophobia in the DUP. It is a pity that the DUP feels it has to deny equality to people from the gay community at every opportunity, but not surprising.

“A recognised partnership between gay people is as much an expression of their commitment to each other as a marriage between a man and woman. They are different kinds of partnership, but within the context of a stable relationship, they are no less important and deserve to be treated with respect, not ridicule.

“It is sad that Mr Paisley chooses to score such cheap and nasty political points about someone else’s private life. While I don’t agree with his politics, I’d like to be the first Assembly member to congratulate Steven and his partner, and to wish them the best for the future.”

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