Belfast Councillors to debate Alliance motion on People’s Vote

The Alliance Party will again take the idea for a People’s Vote on Brexit to Belfast City Council, as Kate Nicholl and Nuala McAllister are set to raise the issue via a motion at the latest meeting of the Brexit committee, scheduled to take place this Thursday.

The second time the Councillors have attempted to see the motion debated, Kate urged all parties to get behind the idea, after a majority previously blocking the idea being openly debated at September’s Council meeting.

The People’s Vote can allow the electorate of the UK to have a voice in deciding to accept any deal negotiated with the UK or to stay in the EU, or in the event of no deal to decide between leaving and remaining in the EU.

“Brexit is a huge act of self-harm for the UK, with significant damage facing Northern Ireland. Across the UK, there is considerable evidence of people demanding the right to have their say on what now happens,” said Kate.

She added: “We were all sold false promises and fed lies in the referendum and since then each day seems to bring more negative headlines and worrying predictions over how Northern Ireland will be affected. And with no government to fight for what’s best for us, Alliance has stepped forward in order to protect the economy and our valued public services.”

Councillor Nuala McAllister added: “While some Councillors sought to delay this important discussion – for reasons they themselves will have to explain – but today is an opportunity for all those parties who oppose Brexit to support the people’s vote, and we call on all of those parties who advocate against Brexit to do just that.

“This should not come down to party politics, but recognising what is best for everyone and I would urge my fellow Councillors to not get caught up in what has or has not been said before, but simply to lead where the Northern Ireland Assembly has failed us.

“In the event of Brexit, Alliance continues to advocate and support a special deal for Northern Ireland. But any special measures will bring their own challenges, and a People’s Vote offers the prospect of a simpler and stronger solution.”

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