Be careful of low-intensity violence, Alliance warns minister

In a meeting with new Security Minister, Jane Kennedy, an Alliance Party delegation has warned off the dangers that exist from low-intensity violence.

The delegation consisted of Equality Spokesperson, Eileen Bell MLA and Justice Spokesperson, Stephen Farry.

Speaking after the meeting, Eileen Bell commented:

“Alliance expressed its relief that this year’s Drumcree has passed off relatively peacefully, and expressed sympathy with the difficult job that the police were carrying out.”

“However, we expressed our concern at the continuation of low-intensity sectarian violence, particularly around interfaces. While there may been a down-surge in terrorist violence, at the same time, perhaps paradoxically, there has been an upsurge in attacks on people and their homes. I is almost as if peace has come at the price of reconciliation.”

“We urged the Government to increase the attention given to this problem as it has the potential to cause great damage to community relations and a shared Northern Ireland.”

“Other issues that we raised, included the proliferation of paramilitary flags. Again, we urged the Government to do more in this area. In light of the riots in Bradford and other British towns and cities, it was pointed out that if National Front flags appeared in those area, the authorities there would not tolerate them.”


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