BBC survey shows need for parties to work together to deliver genuine power-sharing

Alliance Leader David Ford has stated that the BBC survey on the St Andrews Agreement shows that people want power sharing but believe that deadlines will not be met because of the stance of the sectarian parties. This shows the need for parties to work together and to share power, not divide it. The poll is the first survey published on the St Andrews Agreement since it was announced.

David Ford stated: “We want to see stable and sustainable devolution where power is shared, not divided. Alliance also wants to see an end to segregation and full commitment on the rule of law from all parties.

“The relatively modest support, the large number of don’t knows and the number of people unconvinced that devolution will be up and running in March shows the problems ahead.

“This survey also illustrates that many people are yet to be convinced that St Andrews is right for everyone in Northern Ireland. People do not want a sectarian carve-up because they know it will lead to breakdowns in power-sharing.

“It is understandable that people are sceptical about the devolution deadlines. Who wouldn’t be sceptical after all the brinkmanship and negative posturing by the sectarian parties.

“The large number of people who stated that they don’t know whether they support St Andrews shows there is a real need for more information on the detail of the Agreement and all the side deals.”

“We want devolution, but it must be stable and sustainable. We will do everything we can to achieve genuine and sustainable power-sharing – the challenge is for the sectarian parties to do likewise. This is their final chance to deliver.”


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