Battle is won, but war goes on against tap tax – Alliance

Alliance Party Chief Whip, Kieran McCarthy MLA, has welcomed today’s High Court decision to delay water charges, stating that it is a victory for common sense. He stated that the battle was won but the war on water charges is not over, and Alliance will continue to campaign to get the tap tax scrapped for good.

The Strangford Assembly Member said: “This is a victory for common sense. Lets hope that this delay will enable us to put in place a local income tax through the Assembly, which will mean that water charges can be scrapped for good.

“Alliance has campaigned for decades for the introduction of a local income tax, as it would mean that we can eradicate both tap tax and rates hikes.

“A local tax is the fairest option, as it means that people are only charged based on their ability to pay. This will ensure a fair deal for older people, people on low incomes and everyone else in Northern Ireland.”

Kieran McCarthy concluded: “The battle has been won, but we have not yet won the war against water charges. Alliance will continue to lobby for the scrapping of tap tax.”


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