Ballyclare West project great news for the area – Ford

Alliance South Antrim MLA David Ford has stated that the Ballyclare West relief project launched today by private developer KPL, is great news for South Antrim. The project that was unveiled today will provide new housing, community facilities and create a by-pass road. It is hoped by the developer that they will get planning permission in six months. It is also expected that the 400 million pound project will create 600 jobs in its first year of construction.

David Ford MLA said: “This project will be a great boost to the local area, creating new houses and community facilities. The fact that is will create 600 jobs in its first year of construction will be welcome news to the construction sector during this economic downturn.

“It is a massive project that will ease traffic congestion in the area which has been a major problem in recent years. It shows how ambitious the Northern Ireland construction sector is.

“I am also glad that the developer has encompassed several environmental aspects in the project with high energy efficient and sustainable homes.”


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