Attacks on prison officers and Catholic man condemned

EAST Belfast Alliance councillor Naomi Long has condemned two attacks on the homes of prison officers in her constituency over the weekend.

Cllr Long said: “Like everyone else, prison officers have a job to do and should be able to live in peace.

“It is only luck that has prevented someone being hurt already. I would totally condemn these attacks, which should end immediately.”

Meanwhile, Alliance councillor Trevor Lunn has condemned the sectarian beating of a man at Aberdelghy Golf Club, Lisburn.

Councillor Lunn said: “This was an extremely vicious and horrific beating that I utterly condemn. Those behind this sectarian attack are no more than thugs and cowards.

“I would hope that this young man makes a full recovery, and that anyone who witnessed the attack will give their full co-operation to the PSNI. The sooner these men are caught, the better it will be for everyone.”


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