Attacking fire crews achieves nothing

Alliance Health, Social Services and Public Safety spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has criticised those who attacked fire crews on two separate incidents in the early hours of Monday morning. Stones and bottles were thrown at fire fighters in Londonderry and a fire engine was damaged in Dungannon.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “These fire fighters are trying to save lives and protect property but they are being prevented from doing this job every time they come under attack.

“Valuable time is lost while fire crews seek medical attention or while fire engines are in for repairs. This time could be better spent putting out fires and saving lives.

“Those who attack fire crews are putting people’s lives at risk. They must stop or otherwise it could be a member of their family who dies because of their actions. They are only harming their own community.

“This is a very worrying trend as the number of these attacks does not seem to decreasing despite high profile campaigns aimed at stopping them.”


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