Attack on prison officer’s home condemned

Condemning the overnight bomb attack on a house in Holywood, Eileen Bell said that she was relieved that occupants and neighbours had escaped serious injury.

“Once again, I ask the question ‘When all sides in Northern Ireland are in favour of peace, who is actually perpetuating the increasing levels of violence? Why do peace-seeking people need to hold onto guns and explosives?’

“As someone who worked with prisoners and their families over many years, I have to say I always found members of the prison service fair and helpful at all times.

“In the current political vacuum, it is hardly surprising that the paramilitaries are, once again, showing their true colours! Violence is growing steadily, particularly in this constituency of North Down.

“The sooner the government calls the politicians in Northern Ireland back to the table, and the sooner that those politicians face up to their responsibilities, the better!”


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