Attack on house of Alliance Ards Councillor

The house of Alliance Ards Councillor Linda Cleland was attacked overnight. The windows of her car were smashed and several of the windows on her house were broken.

Cllr Linda Cleland said: “This violence must stop. There is no justification for the attack on my home or the homes and offices of my colleagues.

“I will not be intimidated by this violence. This is an attack on democracy that must be condemned by all. I will continue to work on behalf of all members of the public from all backgrounds. These attacks will not stop my party from working to deliver a shared future, which we truly need after the past week of trouble.

“I’m urging all of those who have orchestrated these protests and attacks to call an end to this trouble before somebody is killed.

“Tensions have been increased by Unionist Leaders over the Union Flag vote at Belfast Council, but it has backfired on them as these protests that they encouraged has turned violent.

“I would like to thank everybody who has sent me their support after this attack.”


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