Attack on baby makes us wonder what kind of society this is – Bell

Alliance Deputy Leader Eileen Bell has said an attack on a baby in County Fermanagh has left many people wondering what kind of society we are living in.

The North Down Assembly member stated: “Last week we had a series of attacks on elderly people, this week we have an attack on a one-year-old baby – all of which took place in the home. This is a truly horrendous new low.

“People simply cannot understand what kind of society tolerates attacks of this nature on innocent, defenceless and vulnerable victims. There is a sense of powerlessness in the community that this sort of thing can happen. What kind of depraved morals lie behind such assaults?

“Have we really become a society where human life and human decency are valued so low? With attacks on defenceless victims, rising suicide rates and ongoing gang criminality, something has gone seriously wrong.

“Are we really going to tolerate a political system where silly sectarian niggles take on more significance than dealing with such issues directly and properly on behalf of the whole community? It is time people demanded far better.”

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