Assembly voting system – change needed

Responding to reports today that Sinn Fein has proposed changes to the voting rules in the Assembly, Alliance Leader David Ford MLA said:

“It is obvious that the current system for electing a First and Deputy First Minister is totally unworkable. While Alliance may have been prepared to temporarily redesignate in the past, we have made it absolutely clear that we will not do so again.”

“It is no secret that Alliance seeks a new, fairer system that ensures cross-community consensus in practice, but doesn’t discriminate against non-sectarian parties.”

“I am surprised at Peter Robinson’s allegations, as neither Sinn Fein or the UUP showed any willingness to accept changes in the review of the voting system a year ago. If the reports are accurate, this is good news for the Assembly – I have yet to see any evidence that other parties have really recognised what is wrong with the sectarian voting system.”


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