Assembly commits to a shared future

North Down Alliance MLA Stephen Farry has welcomed the decision of the Assembly to commit itself to working towards the goal of a shared future. His comments come after an Alliance Party motion on a Shared Future was discussed in the Assembly today.

Dr Farry stated: “Tackling the continued deep divisions in our society must be a top priority for the Assembly and the Executive. The Shared Future Framework Document and the first of the triennial action plans are the critical first steps and remain government policy.

“The challenge now is for local politicians to take ownership of the process. Alliance is pleased therefore to see the comments endorsing the principles of a shared future and the need to build a shared society from the First Minister, Dr Ian Paisley.

“The challenges now for the Assembly are to see that the current action plan is delivered, that a shared future is made a priority within the Comprehensive Spending Review, and that local views are allowed to shape the next triennial action plan.”


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