Armstrong to chair Ards Hospital car parking forum

Alliance Strangford MLA Kellie Armstrong is to chair a forum seeking to address sustainable access solutions for staff and patients, and car parking issues around the Ards Hospital site.

Ms Armstrong was named as the Chair of the South-Eastern Health and Social Care Trust Multi-Agency Transport Forum following its first meeting last Friday (May 18). It consists of various political parties, as well as several statutory agencies, and is designed to collectively look at finding a solution to ongoing problems at the site, as well as other local transport and car parking issues.

“For many years, the Ards Hospital site has had people from local offices and businesses, as well as the general public using it as a car park or unofficial park and ride facility. The South-Eastern Trust has a duty to ensure people invited for an appointment can access our healthcare facilities safely and without excessive delay,” she said.

“The overall aim is looking at more sustainable alternatives to single occupancy vehicle use, such as active travel options, car sharing, park and ride, cycling and improving our public transport network.

“Through this forum we can work together in the spirit of partnership to collectively find solutions to improve car parking provision for everyone in the local community.”

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