Armstrong slams Ryanair Belfast decision

Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong has questioned Ryanair for its sudden and shocking decision to ground a must needed Belfast-London route later this year.

The MLA for Strangford spoke out after it became clear many people across Northern Ireland would be left scrambling to make alternative arrangements – especially during an already busy Christmas period – as Ryanair announced its Belfast to London Gatwick route would cease between November and March.

Kellie Armstrong said: “This decision, which Mr O’Leary seems to have made on a whim, will hit Northern Ireland hard. It will affect our businesses, our tourist trade and is happening right in the middle of Brexit negotiations, when confidence should be pumped into our local economy, not snatched away.

“Ryan Air has shown recently that they can very easily forget the people affected by its rash business decisions and this latest announcement is leaving many Ryanair customers out of pocket and feeling frustrated by the lack of customer care.

“Aside from the upset for passengers, this will also seriously upset Belfast’s standing as a viable business option for outside interests. We need to have reliable routes connecting Belfast to the capital city and vice versa, with Mr O’Leary’s preferred hokey cokey approach serving no-one.”

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