Armstrong: Schools need action as crisis deepens

Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong has said the latest confirmation of the major crisis facing schools is again proof of an urgent need for a Bengoa-style review of the entire education system.

Kellie was speaking after the NI Affairs Committee inquiry concluded the growing funding crisis has now led to unmanageable pressures on school budgets.

She added: “Today’s announcement from Westminster is nothing new.  Alliance has consistently called for a full root and branch reform of the entire education system here.

“We have been inundated with messages from parents, teachers and principals, all concerned about the growing pressures being put on our children’s education by factors including increasing financial strain on schools.

“As Stormont remains in limbo, our schools continue to struggle financially, with none of the recommendations from the numerous reports and recommendations into the system having been implemented to date.

“This news impacts everyone in our society and due to the lack of an Executive to put a strategic plan in place, it is likely to get worse. All Parties have accepted Education, in its current format, is not meeting the needs of children. We need short term measures to ensure schools are safe in parallel with reforms to ensure our education system is structured and resourced to give all our young people the education they deserve.”