Armstrong says statistics should act as spur for all-party talks

Alliance’s Kellie Armstrong MLA has said figures showing an increase in people thinking of themselves as neither unionist or nationalist should serve as a spur to make the talks process truly all-party.

The NI: In Profile survey by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency showed in 2016, the latest results available, 46 per cent of people in Northern Ireland do not identify as either nationalist or unionist. The figures are a rise from the 40 per cent a year ago

“These figures show a growing number of the adult population in Northern Ireland who do not identify as either unionist or nationalist,” said Ms Armstrong.

“Alliance is the largest party reflecting this constituency’s views, with the 2017 Assembly election showing a 50 per cent increase in the party’s vote. This was in spite of the ‘keep the others out’ narrative from several other parties.

“With those facts in mind, I encourage the DUP and Sinn Féin to consider these findings in their current negotiations relating to forming an Executive. They need to truly open the doors to others and realise our community is not simply split into two distinct groups.”

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