Armstrong: Parents should take advantage of Childcare Vouchers while they can

Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong is encouraging all parents to sign up for Childcare Vouchers before the scheme closes to new entrants in the coming weeks.

Kellie – herself a full time working mum – has said concerns around childcare costs are among the top issues raised by. Constituents and urges all working parents not to be afraid to speak to their employers to ask them to join the scheme, allowing them often much needed financial support with childcare.

She added: “As a working mother, I not only recognise the importance of good quality childcare, but the need to have access to it. I would urge anyone interested to sign up to the scheme before the cut off point of October 4th. By accessing childcare vouchers it allows staying in employment that little bit easier.

“And if you’re employer isn’t already linked to the scheme, ask them to do so. As the employer of working parents I have recently joined Employers for Childcare and now provide my constituency staff the opportunity to sacrifice part of their salary in exchange for childcare vouchers. As the amount is deducted before tax is taken, they are able to save on their tax bill.

“Excellent childcare is absolutely vital to the development of our children and a necessity to allow parents and carers access to training and employment opportunities. It is important to sign up now before the scheme closes to new applicants.

“The scheme will continue for those who have already joined and will be of particular benefit for everyone who is in receipt of child tax credits once Universal Credit is fully rolled out.”

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