Armstrong disappointed by BBC licence fee move

Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong has said she is disappointed the BBC has scrapped free TV licences as standard for over 75-year-olds.

Households with one person who receives pension credit will still be eligible for a free licence from June 2020. Strangford MLA Ms Armstrong said it wasn’t enough for many.

“It is disappointing the BBC has taken this decision, as many over-75s struggle to pay for their licence. While it is welcome those on pension credit will still have their free television licence protected, it is not enough.

“A television is more than just a luxury. For many people, particularly older pensioners who live alone, a TV is company, plus oftentimes the only means to access information about the outside world because they can’t get out and about otherwise.

“The BBC needs to rethink this policy and show it is committed to helping prevent the isolation of older people in our society.”