Armstrong congratulates disability activists on UN presentation

Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong has congratulated local disability activists on their presentation of evidence of ongoing human rights violations to the UN Committee on the Rights of Disabled People.

Several groups made the journey to Geneva earlier this week to inform the Committee despite previous commitments to provide a framework for the delivery of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities here, there has been a failure to do so.

The Committee is currently assessing the UK’s progress in implementing the Convention, which the UK Government ratified in 2009.

“I fully support this productive trip to highlight how the rights of disabled people here are not being upheld and are often violated,” said Ms Armstrong, who is Chair of the Assembly’s All-Party Group on Disability.

“There has been a failure of introducing legislation which would give disabled people here the same protections as they receive in the rest of the UK. More needs to be done to ensure disabled people are a full part of the decision-making which impacts them.

“We will now await the Committee’s report next month, which will list the recommendations for actions which need to be taken to ensure full compliance with human rights. From there, we will monitor their implementation in order to hold the UK Government and local Executive to account.”

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