Armstrong calls on drivers to exercise caution on roads after PSNI patrol

Alliance Infrastructure spokesperson Kellie Armstrong MLA has called on drivers to exercise caution on the roads, after she took part in a patrol with the PSNI traffic branch.

Speaking after taking part in the patrol with the PSNI Road Policing unit, which saw her accompanying officers around her constituency in areas such as Skettrick, Comber and Loughries, Kellie said it was an important chance to see the work police carry out.

“I want to thank Inspector Rosie Leech and the officers who permitted me to travel with them – it gave me a unique insight into the work the police do to try and keep everyone safe on our roads,” she said.

“On top of roadside speed detection and advising pedestrians on road safety, officers assisted with an emergency search. The patrol revealed how PSNI are dealing with a number of varied calls on top of regular traffic duties.

“In the few hours I was with the police, resources were deployed to deal with an emergency situation involving a missing vulnerable person. Several cars were involved in the successful search but if a second emergency had occurred, resources would have been overstretched.

“As Road Safety Week 2018 comes to an end, my message to drivers is they can help alleviate the pressures on the Road Policing unit by taking simple measures such as slowing down, not using a mobile phone and not drinking and driving. If the public take more care to expect the unexpected then the pressure is reduced and it enables the PSNI to deal with emergencies instead.”
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