Armstrong calls for immediate action to prevent environmental damage

Alliance Strangford candidate Kellie Armstrong has called for immediate action to stop environmental damage following the sinking of a boat moored in Portaferry.

The leisure ship crashed into the Ards and North Down Council-owned Cook Street Quay some time ago and although several attempts have been made to repair it, it has been moored at the site ever since.

However, gallons of diesel from the boat have now begun to leak into Strangford Lough. Ms Armstrong said she had contacted several agencies but to no avail.

“Strangford Lough is environmentally sensitive, so I have asked the Council a number of times to raise my concerns but no action has been taken. The Northern Ireland Environmental Agency have pledged to check the scene but we are still waiting for that to take place.

“This has the potential to damage the specific and important Strangford Lough environment, and therefore I ask all relevant agencies treat this as an urgent case.

“I also call upon the Council to review their policy of allowing boats not in a fit state to be moored for so long at their quays. This environmental damage could have been averted if agencies had acted much more quickly to get the owner to repair and make the vessel seaworthy.”

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