Armstrong calls for appropriate toilet facilites to be installed across Northern Ireland

Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong has reiterated her call for all public buildings in Northern Ireland to have appropriate toilet facilities for older children and adults with disabilities.

Strangford MLA Ms Armstrong, who is a long-term supporter of the Changing Places charity which works to develop such toilets, said more needed to be done to change the current situation, which meant many standard accessible toilets here were not fit for purpose.

“Having access to an appropriate toilet is something many of us take for granted. We have changing stations in most toilets so babies and infants can be changed at a table, safe for use and at a height suitable for parents or carer.

“But what about adults who need to be changed? Many have a disability or limited mobility due to illnesses such as a stroke, yet there are so few toilets appropriate for their needs. It means many older children and adults have to lie on the floor of a public toilet to be changed by the family or carer. It is dangerous, unhygienic and undignified.

“A number of disabled toilets are the right size but lack the equipment. It’s time we met the needs of all our citizens and followed the success of previous campaigns. Let’s ensure all public buildings have Changing Places toilets so no more adults have to be changed on a public toilet floor.”

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