Armstrong attends counter-protest against far right group

Alliance Strangford MLA Kellie Armstrong has attended a cross-community counter-protest against the Britain First group.

Ms Armstrong was one of the protesters in Newtownards on Saturday (July 28) which faced down the far-right organisation.

“It was obvious Britain First supporters were frustrated by the lack of support which turned out for them on the day. While a couple made some unnecessary comments to the peaceful protestors standing legally nearby, only a handful managed to leave their cars, preferring instead to avoid the counter-protesters,” she said.

“It came as welcome news to the many local people who contacted me frightened to be in Newtownards on the day. The face Britain First received no support is testament to how little they are thought of here.

“Following internal feuds and their expulsion of some local members, it is clear Britain First is imploding. The people of Newtownards sent a strong message that the group and its brand of hostile campaigning is not welcome or wanted here or anywhere. We want to see no hate here.”

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