Armstrong asks why Health Minister hasn’t repealed blood ban

Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong has asked why the Sinn Fein Health Minister has not repealed the gay blood ban, despite having been in office for almost a week.

Strangford MLA Ms Armstrong has submitted a written question to Health Minister Michelle O’Neill enquiring whether she intends to overturn the ban. The Court of Appeal recently ruled it was the responsibility of the Stormont Minister to decide whether to lift it.

“Successive DUP Ministers dragged their feet on this matter, allowing a discriminatory practice to continue long after it should have been removed,” said Ms Armstrong.

“Yet we are almost a week into the new mandate and the Sinn Fein Minister has still to make moves towards removing the blood ban. This issue has been discussed at length – it is time to stop the talking and take action.

“It is time this era of blatant discrimination and second-class citizenship was ended, and true equality was brought to our society.”

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