Any DUP / Tory deal must be made public – Farry

Alliance Deputy Leader, Stephen Farry MLA, has said that all details of any deal the Prime Minister makes with the DUP must be open to public scrutiny.

Stephen Farry said: “The Prime Minister must make public the full details of any deal she enters into with the DUP in her attempt to hold onto power. Only when the details are open to public scrutiny can the electorate be satisfied that the Prime Minister is acting in the best interests of the country and not her party and career. This detail must extend not just to any formal agreement but also transparency around any side-deals or understandings that are reached.

“Any deal done with the DUP will have huge implications for talks to restore the Assembly and Executive. While chairing talks, can the Secretary of State afford to upset the DUP in Belfast and risk them walking out in London and causing the collapse of the government?

“Alliance is ready to get back to talks to restore the Assembly and it is important the Prime Minister ensures one party will not have undue influence on the process.”

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