Antrim area needs jobs boost at airport – Alliance

Antrim Alliance Councillor, Alan Lawther, has stated that the expansion of Belfast International Airport will boost the Antrim area following recent job losses at Daewoo. His comments come as a report released today predicting that an extra 7,000 jobs will be created due to an increase in passenger numbers at the airport.

Cllr Alan Lawther said: “I welcome the forecast that 7,000 new jobs will be created at Belfast International Airport and the prospect of the development of the business park at the airport.

“Antrim needs to see more high quality and high value jobs in order to use the skills of people in area the their full potential. The creation of high skill jobs at blue chip companies in Antrim would be of great benefit to the locality.

“A rail link to the airport must also be provided because such an improvement to the transport infrastructure would have a very positive effect the development of the airport and the business park adjacent to it.

“The economic potential which expansion at the airport provides must be capitalised upon and must deliver an end product of jobs which add value to the local area.”


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