Anger at waste after civil service payroll fiasco

Commenting on the report from the Comptroller and Auditor General, ‘Civil Service Human Resource Management System: Cancellation of the payroll project’, Councillor Seamus Close MLA, former Assembly Public Accounts Committee member, said:

“This is another Laurel and Hardy fiasco where public money was wasted due to poor management and indecision. Whilst weaknesses were identified early in the project and a series of economic appraisals were carried out in 1995, ’97 and ’99, the plug wasn’t pulled until May 2001, by which time millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money had gone down the drain.

“It shouldn’t take 13 years to recognise failure. This project, whilst complex, was badly mishandled by the Department of Finance and Personnel. It causes me great concern that if DFP can get it so wrong, what hope for other departments that depend on their advice?”

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