Anger at government failure on tackling treacherous icy pavements

North Down Alliance Party Councillor Andrew Muir has expressed anger that no government agency is fronting up and taking responsibility regarding tackling icy pavements. He called for more grit boxes to be made available across the Borough to ensure people can make treacherous roads and pavements safe. The Alliance representative has made the call after being inundated by requests for side roads to be salted by residents in the Holywood area.

Cllr Muir stated “It’s absolutely unacceptable that government agencies are not fronting up on this and taking responsibility regarding pavements. I am angry that public safety is being put at risk because of public organisations’ failure to take action to address this problem. If the Regional Development Minister cannot address the concerns of the public then what good is he? The recent cold snap means that many roads and pavements are very slippy, covered in ice and treacherous to use. Whilst I welcome the work undertaken by the Roads Service to grit all major roads more grit boxes should be installed around Northern Ireland for people to salt minor roads and pavements.

One resident recently informed me: ‘I would happily take my own time to grit the street for the residents if a grit box was provided for are use so people can go about their daily routine without the risk of injury.’

Cllr Muir said: “I have therefore communicated requests for grit boxes to the Roads Service and hope they will consider these favourably. People are prepared to work in partnership with the Roads Service, I hope they will reciprocate this gesture”


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