Always follow government health advice, says Grehan, after leaflet distributed

Alliance Lisburn South Councillor Amanda Grehan has reminded the public to always follow government health advice on COVID-19 to keep themselves and their family safe.

Alderman Grehan was speaking after being contacted by a constituent who had received a leaflet through their letterbox claiming the government and NHS were not telling the full facts about the pandemic.

She said: “For more than six months, we have been receiving advice from the government and medical professionals on how best to fight COVID-19 and keep ourselves safe. This advice is based on experience from across the world as the pandemic has developed and spread. Countless lives have been saved as people have heeded the advice, despite the difficulties and inconveniences.

“Now we have an unknown group spreading fear through the distribution of leaflets containing what they claim is an evidence-based analysis. They are deliberately using the official government colours in order to cause confusion amongst the community. At this time of emergency, this action is reprehensible and must be condemned.

“I would call on whoever is behind his leaflet to withdraw it immediately. All members of the public should ensure they adhere to official government health advice, which is based on medical facts, not some conspiracy theory.”