Alliance Youth wants to raise awareness on World Diabetes Day

Alliance Youth Chair Stephen Martin today hailed World Diabetes Day (Friday 14th September 2008) as essential in raising awareness of a condition that had a huge impact on sufferers here in Northern Ireland and is on the increase.

The Lisburn man commented: “World Diabetes Day is part of an awareness campaign bringing to the public’s attention what diabetes is and what its effects are on those who develop it. Since 2006, World Diabetes Day has been recognised by the United Nations which has helped to increase its appeal. This year sees the focus on Children and Adolescents. Type 1 diabetes is growing by 3% per year amongst young people with around 200 children and adolescents developing the condition worldwide every day.

“A recent report published by Diabetes UK showed that diabetes is costing the National Health Service in NI around £ 1 million a day, which is a large sum of money for a condition that unfortunately does not attract much public attention.”

The Alliance Youth Chair concluded: “Given Minister McGimpsey’s recent announcement on tackling childhood obesity, I would call on all of us to examine what we are doing in our lifestyles and see if what we consume is putting ourselves and our young people in danger of developing diabetes. It is important to recognise all the health and lifestyle consequences the onset of diabetes can bring about – heart disease, strokes, amputations, kidney failure and blindness.”


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