Alliance Youth supports Global Day of Action on Burma

Alliance Youth members showed their support by attending a TrĂ³caire demonstration in Belfast in support of Amnesty International’s Global Day of Action. Demonstrators wore red as a gesture of solidarity with the peaceful demonstrators in Burma and all prisoners of conscience who are today without their liberty because of the brutal and oppressive attempts by the military dictatorship there to stamp out any show of strength by the Burmese people to claim their universal human right to govern themselves free of tyranny.

Alliance Youth South Antrim representative Johnny Chivers said: “Alliance Youth believes that the international community must show their support to the people of Burma as they attempt to claim their country back from those who would deprive them of their right to self-determination.”

Alliance Youth Secretary Stephen Martin commented: “TrĂ³caire and Amnesty International must be commended for the hard work in putting together Saturday’s event. Together with similar events around the world, ordinary people showed up to show their support for the demonstrators in Burma.

“We would call on the military authorities to take immediate action to release all prisoners of conscience in their custody including Aung San Suu Kyi and return the governance of Burma to the people.”


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