Alliance Youth celebrates victory over DUP at Queens University

New Chair of Alliance Youth Stephen Martin has defeated the DUP candidate and others, and has been elected to the Queens University Senate. He said his victory underlines the strength of Young Alliance and the whole party and as a force in the future. Stephen was elected to the University’s Senate by the Students Union Council which has about 100 members.

Stephen Martin said: “This result shows that Alliance can take on anyone and win. As far as I am aware, we are the first party outside of the DUP and UUP to have someone elected to the Queens Senate in a long time.

“Young people can see that Alliance is a party for the future and a party that will deliver the best society for everyone across the whole community. People are fed up with the stagnant views of the tribal parties and their lack of fresh ideas up at Stormont.

“Alliance has a vision and has strong ambition for Northern Ireland to become a shared society with world-class services which can attract more tourists and businesses to its shores.

“This victory shows how far Alliance Youth has come in recent years and the potential we have for the future.”


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