Alliance Youth Attends Successful QUB Refreshers’ Fair

Alliance Youth’s new committee has unveiled its first major campaign objective – targeting the need for increased provision of integrated education in Northern Ireland.

The newly formed group unveiled their plans at the recent QUB Refreshers’ Fair, with the support of DEL Minister and MLA for North Down, Stephen Farry.

The fair was the first event attended by the newly elected committee, who praised the high level of interest in the Party. And the group attracted key support for their new campaign, with over 75 people signing on the day.

Speaking after the event, Chair James McClure said: “It was great to have such a positive response at the Refreshers’ Fair, with people asking for more information about the Party and with people expressing an interest to join Alliance! We were able to put forward a positive political message and it was well received.

“It was excellent to have a visit to our stall by Employment & Learning Minister Stephen Farry and we were able to launch our new campaign, highlighting the need for increased provision of Integrated Education in Northern Ireland.”

Vice- Chair Kathleen Ireton added: “Over 75 people signed our petition, which highlights the Alliance Party Policy and calls for 20% of all pupils in Northern Ireland Schools to be educated in Integrated Schools by the year 2020. We will be continuing this campaign over the few months and encourage everyone to get involved in this campaign.”

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