Alliance writes to Parliamentary Commissioner urging Paisley investigation

Alliance Chief Whip Kellie Armstrong MLA has written to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards urging an investigation after new allegations were made about Ian Paisley MP.

It follows allegations Mr Paisley took two further holidays to the Maldives, neither of which appeared on his register of interests, and which came a number of months after he lobbied on its Government’s behalf. BBC Spotlight also alleged they may have been funded by a Minister in the Maldives Government.

Ms Armstrong’s letter refers to the code of Conduct for MPs, saying Mr Paisley may not have fulfilled the requirements set down in it.

“If these allegations are found to be true, Mr Paisley may not have declared an interest in his work as an alleged political advocate on behalf of a Minister of the Maldivian government. If so, he has failed to act in accordance with the expected conduct of an MP, particularly Paragraph 13 of the Code of Conduct, which refers to being ‘open and honest’ in all dealings.

“Therefore Alliance is raising a formal complaint with the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, asking for a full investigation into the conduct of Mr Paisley be carried out. If this behaviour is true and he is found to be guilty of it, Mr Paisley will have once again let down not only his constituents but also himself.

“If we are to regain the trust of the wider public in politics, there must be full openness and transparency from all. The people of North Antrim and wider want clean politics and I am confident they will show that if a recall petition is confirmed.”