Alliance will push victims bill in Assembly after Paisley and McGuinness debacle

Following yet another Paisley and McGuinness fiasco in the Assembly today, Alliance has announced they will try to deliver the Victims’ Commission bill independently of OFMDFM. Party Deputy Leader Naomi Long MLA has claimed that today’s latest snub to victims shows that Paisley and McGuinness are incapable, irresponsible and thoroughly incoherent.

Naomi Long said: “Paisley and McGuinness have today snubbed the Assembly, further frustrated the Commission they created, and more importantly have delivered a gross insult to victims.

“This is yet another shameful episode in the Victims Commission saga and instead of delivering for victims as promised, they have delivered nothing but chaos and uncertainty. They made a mess of this issue and are now running scared from dealing with their own mess.

“The Alliance Party takes its responsibility to victims seriously and we now intend to take the Victims’ Commission bill through the Assembly ourselves. We have tabled an amended version of the bill today. OFMDFM have created this crisis, but we are determined to do everything we can to resolve it.

“It would appear on this occasion that the blame lies with Sinn Fein, but we will do all in our power to stop them blocking help for victims and survivors.

“People will now be questioning whether Paisley and McGuinness are capable of running Northern Ireland when they are clearly not capable of delivery on this important issue.”


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