Alliance will not be party to super-council “majority rule” – Hill

North Down Alliance Councillor Tony Hill has said the Alliance Party will oppose any hint of Unionist “majority rule” in new councils, and said that a 15-council model would be a much better way of ensuring power sharing and genuine local democracy.

Cllr Hill, the party’s NI Local Government Association representative on the Local Government Taskforce, stated: “The focus of talks between the two largest parties and the Governments seems now to be on protection of the ‘minority community’ in each of the new super-councils, with the underlying idea that Unionists may be protected in the west, but Nationalists unprotected in the east.

“It seems Unionists and Nationalists have failed to learn the lesson of our troubled history. Majority rule is simply not an option – not at any level, not in any council, not ever.

“The DUP in particular must clarify its position on this issue. Is it willing to sacrifice its supposed support for 15 councils on the altar of some politically expedient deal to ensure a tribal carve-up? The party leadership must provide a definitive answer right away on what its position is.

“Most of all, this whole sorry carve-up proves once again the inefficiency of tribal politics. It is time for a political system based on what is best for the whole of Northern Ireland, not just favoured sections of our community.”


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