Alliance will lead change to create jobs in the green economy

Alliance Party Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy has said that growing the green economy and increasing the use of renewable energy are two key changes Alliance will deliver which are vital to protect the environment and create jobs in Northern Ireland.

Kieran McCarthy said: “Developing our green economy and increasing our use of renewable energy are two key changes which are vital for our environment and for job creation. Alliance will deliver these changes and continue to lead they way for a Green New Deal.

“An Alliance motion was successfully passed in the Assembly late last year calling for the creation of a Green New Deal for Northern Ireland and aspects of this plan were included in the recent Budget. Alliance campaigned hard for this progress on home insulation schemes to save energy, keep household bills low and create jobs in construction sector. We will continue to strive for more emphasis on the green economy in future. Thousands of jobs can be created in this sector and we can genuinely become a world leader on sustainability if we are ambitious in the coming years.

“Alliance is also leading the way in pushing for more use of our renewable energy potential. We have a largely untapped wealth of resources like wind and the tides which simply must to be used. We will push for progress on this and drive innovation in renewable energy technology to create research and engineering jobs. Alliance will lead change to protect our environment while growing our economy.”


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