Alliance welcomes Wynchurch traffic calming go ahead

Castlereagh Alliance Councillor Michael Long and local Alliance MLA Naomi Long have welcomed confirmation from Roads Service that the proposed traffic calming scheme for the Wynchurch area is due to commence in the coming week. The measures, which Alliance has been campaigning for over several years, were due to be introduced by the end of March this year but were slightly delayed until now.

Cllr Michael Long said, “It is great news for the local area that this scheme, which was originally proposed by Roads Service last year, will now go ahead despite some last minute delays. Alliance first raised the need for a scheme in the area several years ago as traffic calming will help to slow traffic locally and help reduce the risk of accidents. This is particularly welcome given the fact that these streets are used by many children on their way to and from local schools and this will make these journeys safer.

Cllr. Naomi Long added, “The only disappointment is that the current scheme will not include Wynchurch Park or Walk as the Roads Service have deemed that neither have sufficient stretches of straight road; however we will ask that the Roads Service keep this situation under review so that measures could be extended to these streets in future.

Cllr. Michael Long concluded, “At a recent public meeting in the area speeding traffic was raised by many residents in the general locality. We are continuing to press for new measures to reduce the traffic speeds along the Rosetta Road although the Roads Service have ruled out using speed bumps along this major road. We have also asked that traffic calming measures be considered for Willowbank Park.”


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