Alliance welcomes victory on speed limit reduction at Loughview

East Belfast Alliance representatives Naomi Long MLA and Cllr. Michael Long have welcomed an announcement by the Regional Development Minister to extend the 40mph zone along the length of Church Road to include Loughview Primary and Castlereagh Presbyterian Church, subject to legislative process. This follows at least six years of Alliance campaigning with local residents and parents to improve road safety along this stretch of road.

Speaking after an Assembly debate on the matter, Cllr. Naomi Long said, “I am pleased that DRD have finally agreed to reduce the speed limit along the length of Church Road to the junction with Manse Road to 40mph, which has been one of our requests for improvements to the road safety in the area. We had previously successfully lobbied for flashing warning lights to be installed under the Safe Routes to Schools Scheme as well as improved street-lighting. We hope that the combination of these measures will help to improve road safety for pupils and the local community.

Cllr. Michael Long added, “After many years of campaigning through the Council and directly to Roads Service, I am pleased that some progress has been made. We would wish that there would be full consultation with the school, the Education Board and local people before any future changes are made to the road. We will continue to seek further improvements to road safety and will ask the Police to continue with their programme of enforcement in the area.”


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