Alliance welcomes support for new alleygates programme

Cllr Michael Long has welcomed the news that funding is likely to be approved for a new Phase five alleygates scheme worth £500k, following an Alliance proposal for a new scheme in September.

During the rates setting process, during which Alliance formally asked for finding for alleygates to be considered, it has been agreed that the financing of the scheme can be absorbed within the existing capital financing budget.

Councillor Long said: “This is a great news story as the flourishing of alley gardens in lockdown has been one of the positives we have seen in the city. This has happened due to the provision of alleygates which have made the alleys secure and safe spaces.

“Alliance asked for a new phase of alleygates to be considered in the rates setting process and it appears that the funding can now be accommodated for the next financial year through capital budget.

“Final details will come to Committee in January but we are now confident that that a new scheme will be able to proceed in 2021.

“The funding will hopefully also help us to support those looking to improve their areas through alley gardens which have sprung up across the city in lockdown, giving people in areas with limited green spaces more access to safe and secure outside spaces as well as helping to build community spirit.”