Alliance welcomes RTE channels going Freeview in Northern Ireland

Alliance Newcastle Councillor Patrick Clarke has welcomed the decision by Communications Minister Ed Vaizey and Irish Communications Minister Pat Rabitte to make RTE TV channels available on Freeview to viewers in the North.

From October 24th over 90% of viewers in Northern Ireland will be able to receive TG4 and the two primary RTE channels in digital.

Councillor Patrick Clarke stated: “Alliance warmly welcomes that the Communications Minister Ed Vaizey has now made provision for RTE channels to be made available across the North following the digital TV switchover in October.

“The recent announcement that TV viewers in the North will be able to receive TG4 and RTÉ One and Two on Freeview following digital TV switchover on October 24th is very good news particularly for areas like Newcastle which were previously unable to receive RTE on the analogue signal.

“The announcement is good news for viewers and honours the commitments set out in the Good Friday agreement.

“I have no doubt to many viewers in Newcastle, and bad reception areas across Northern Ireland who were previously unable to receive RTE television broadcasts that the announcement will be very much welcomed by the thousands of people across Northern Ireland who will be able to enjoy watching RTE channels in digital from October 24th.”


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