Alliance welcomes reversal of Belfast bikes proposal

Alliance Councillor Michael Long has welcomed a reversal of a Council proposal to cut the Belfast bikes scheme.

Councillors on Belfast City Council’s Strategic Policy and Resources Committee today (Friday) voted to keep the scheme’s first 30 minutes free. Alliance had been the only party to oppose an idea to cut the free time to 15 minutes.

Councillor Long said the proposed saving of £15,000 was not sufficient to make cuts to the scheme.

“The Belfast bikes scheme has been hugely successful, whether improving people’s health, changing the infrastructure of the city or attracting more tourists. I hope today’s vote means that success remains.

“The proposed saving of £15,000 is not a large amount in relation to a budget of £150 million, particularly given the obvious benefits.

“The 30 minutes free is one of the most appealing parts of the scheme, so I am delighted we have now saved that aspect. It is crucial we do not stop there but continue to help the scheme grow and expand, particularly more widely into suburban areas, as well as other locations in the city centre.”

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