Alliance welcomes launch of violent and sex offender register

The Alliance Party has welcomed the launch by the PSNI of the Violent Offender and Sex Offender Register (Visor), which will enable local Police officers to connect to a UK-wide computer network for the efficient sharing of information.

Party spokesman Cllr Tom Campbell said: “I welcome the fact that up to date technology is now being used and that around 300 officers here have been trained to use the database. There has been concern properly expressed particularly in relation to children and schools that there are those who are able to slip through the Police net and that information relating to dangerous offenders is not being widely dispersed to those who need to know.

“The Visor database enables speedy access to information and intelligence on such individuals throughout the UK. I welcome the fact that criminal cautions are included in the database particularly given the recent confusion regarding the status of such matters. Modern technology can now be used by Police forces to share relevant and crucial information and the launch of this data base is both welcome and timely.”


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