Alliance welcomes justice initiative

The Alliance Party has welcomed today’s joint initiative by the two Governments to improve cross-border co-operation on legal issues.

Eileen Bell, Alliance Party Deputy Leader, said:

“Today’s initiative is to be welcomed. There are a number of areas where cross-border co-operation has not been as good as it should be. These include matters of interest to organised crime, such as drugs.

“It is important that this level of cross-border co-operation to protect our citizens is enhanced and expanded. The authorities in both North and South must continue to explore ways in which we can defeat organised crime and terrorism.

“However, there are other serious matters that impact on the people of Ireland. The prevention of child abuse by ensuring proper checks are carried out on those working with children who have lived on both sides of the border, is equally important.

“Co-operation in legal matters can only be for the benefit of all law-abiding people.”


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