Alliance Welcomes Irish President And Queen Meeting

Upon learning that the Irish President, Mary McAleese, had met Her Majesty the Queen, Alliance Deputy Leader, Eileen Bell MLA said:

“Alliance welcomes the meeting of the Irish President, Mary McAleese, and the Queen today at Hillsborough.

“Both women have the best interests of the people of Northern Ireland in their hearts, and I am glad that they have been able to meet on our soil.

“This meeting should be seen as a positive move forward, a form of reconciliation, where we can learn more about each other. It must not be seen as any form of conspiratorial design. The reality is that the British and Irish Governments enjoy a positive and constructive working

relationship. Neither are working in opposition to Northern Ireland, and neither are using Northern Ireland as an obstacle to their relationship.

“Thus, progress in Northern Ireland is of our own doing, and we need to continue the hard work of dialogue and co-operation. If this is good enough for two heads of state and two Governments, then it should be good enough for us to work together for our own best interests.”


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