Alliance welcomes IMC report

ALLIANCE Leader David Ford MLA has welcomed the latest report by the Independent Monitoring Commission into paramilitary activity.

Mr Ford stated: “The IMC report clearly indicates a welcome reduction of activity by the IRA, but disturbingly shows that the organisation remains capable of carrying out acts of violence.

“If the republican movement is committed to a transition to peaceful activity only, it must not only cease violence but remove the capacity to engage in violence. This is both essential and urgent if devolution is to be restored.

“It is worrying that loyalist groups appear to have taken no actions to reduce violence or the threat of violence and were responsible for four murders during the period this report covers.

“Unionist violence needs just as much attention as nationalist violence.

“The IMC was given the job of shining a spotlight on paramilitary activity. Criticisms from those close to paramilitary groups, both nationalist and unionist, show that it is doing so in an informed and impartial way.

“It is now up to the Government to take action to ensure that all paramilitary groups end all activities in line with the Joint Declaration.”

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