Alliance welcomes decision to reject Mallusk incinerator

Alliance Councillor John Blair has welcomed the decision to halt plans for a super-incinerator close to Mallusk.

In favour of sustainable ways of creating energy, the Newtownabbey Deputy Mayor has been an avid campaigner against the Boghill Road being the proposed location of Arc21’s new site.

Councillor John Blair said: “Today’s decision is the right decision, bringing to an end a period of concern and uncertainty for local residents.

“While Alliance recognises and supports the excellent environmental benefits that securing energy from waste can bring, this should never be at the expense of people’s safety.

“Simply put – the Mallusk and Sandyknowes area do not have the necessary infrastructure in place to sustain a significant increase in traffic and I am glad the Minister has finally been able to listen to the concerns of local residents and make the right decision.

“Energy from a waste plant is certainly worth exploring, it should be done in a more suitable location away from heavy residential areas, with industrial sites being a more viable option.”

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