Alliance welcomes Bryson House opening

Newtownabbey Deputy Mayor and Alliance Environment Spokesperson Lynn Frazer has welcomed the opening of Bryson House, a charity-run recycling company which has won a contract with 11 councils to process waste materials.

Cllr Frazer said: “This is an extremely worthy initiative and I am delighted that this facility will be available to more than half Northern Ireland’s population.

“I trust this will be another step along the road towards encouraging people to engage in recycling. It is very important that the development of such facilities and management companies is accompanied by a strong information campaign on behalf of the Government. People must be fully acquainted with what can and cannot be recycled, and of the benefits of

doing so.

“Rates payers face severe enough rises in their bills without the addition of environmental penalties. In order to avoid these, we must ensure the public is fully equipped to play its part.”


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